Moving Seniors and their Memorabilia

It is not easy leaving home, particularly if it has been with the family for a long time. But for seniors who may no longer be able to stay safely alone, moving may be the best option. Whether they go to live with their relatives or to an assisted living facility, People-Move Moving is here to help facilitate the process and make it as smooth as possible, saving everyone in the family the trouble of hauling the belongings from Point A to Point B. 

Senior Moving Services in Indianapolis and Louisville

Seniors have unique needs and requirements when it comes to relocation. Our team has the knowhow and experience to cater to these needs. Senior moving is part of our repertoire as a full service moving company licensed throughout Kentucky and Indiana including the Louisville and Indianapolis areas.

The senior moving process requires more care and patience compared to the standard move. Additionally, the seniors themselves as well as their families and loved ones already have a lot of things to be concerned about. So it is very prudent to get the assistance of an experienced and licensed moving company. With this, families can reduce and manage the stress they are facing in this tender time.

Families that are spread out might have a harder time helping their senior relatives move in person. So the services of a moving company will come really handy and allow seniors to control the situation better while decreasing the difficulty of the process for all involved.

For those who are moving for the first time, the requirements for senior moving and the sheer logistics of it can be overwhelming. So it really helps to have experienced professionals who know the ropes and can plan out and implement the entire moving process.

White Glove Moving Services for Precious Memorabilia 

We understand that certain items require special care, whether because of their monetary or sentimental value. Particularly during the senior moving process when the items are treasured memorabilia from yesteryear. 

This is why at People-Move Moving we offer white glove delivery services. We know moving can be stressful, and so having peace of mind that your valuables are treated with respect and care can help you relax just that bit more. Our on-site services include placement of products, assembly, unpacking and removal of debris at the shipment’s destination. We are able to customize our movement plans to your needs and some of our typical white glove delivery jobs include:

– Household furniture

– Electronics

– Appliances

– Bedding

– Commercial equipment

When it comes to white glove delivery services in the Louisville and Indianapolis areas, People-Move Moving is your trusted partner.

Additionally, we specialize in final mile logistics furniture and moving heavy goods that need two people to deliver outside the typical LTL (Less Than Load) experience. This can include items like appliances, mattresses, etc. Pickup and removal of used items can also be arranged. People-Move Moving offers customized services for in person and online retail or sales companies. People-Move Moving offers a cost effective, reliable solution for all of your moving and delivery needs.


Let our professional movers at People-Move Moving help make the senior moving process a less difficult one for your family. We’ve done countless moves throughout Kentucky and Indiana with exceptional high-level service. Call us for an impeccable moving experience and get a free quote.