The Benefits of Moving During Winter

While most moves occur during warmer months, winter moves have their pros too. If your move is scheduled during the winter, here are a few reasons why the cold shouldn’t bother you anyway:

Avoiding Heat Exhaustion

Hauling heavy objects during summer can get hot, sweaty and tiresome for those involved. During winter, movers can stay cool as they transfer the objects. As long as they are wearing proper cold weather clothing and there’s no heavy snow, the process should go relatively smoothly. 

Reducing Risk of Heat Damage

Moving during the hottest months of the year might lead to items getting damaged by the heat or sun. Pictures might get faded, delicate plastic items might deform. During winter this should not be a concern, items definitely won’t be overheating. Though waterproofing and snow-proofing might be needed for more delicate objects.

Moving Company Promos

Winter months from December to February tend to be off-times for moving companies, which means the market can get competitive and movers may hold holiday promos to encourage customers. Better take advantage of these great deals! 

 Considerations for Winter Moves

While moving during the winter has its fair share of advantages, here are a few considerations as well: 

Monitor the Weather

Snowy days can make moves much more difficult or even undoable, so be sure to stay up to date with the weather in case it changes drastically. Plan ahead so you can adapt your plans accordingly. 

Prepare Salt, Sand and Shovel

Driveways can get obstructed by sudden snowfall so be sure to have some equipment handy to clear the way. 

Check Your New Location

Moving to a new home? Transferring your business to a new office? Be sure to have someone check out the location on the day of the move, so that you can make sure all the walkways and driveways are accessible. As well as utilities such as lights and heaters. No one wants to arrive to find that the destination is blanketed in snow.


All seasons have their pros and cons when it comes to moving. Winter season has its fair share of pluses and minuses. If you are moving during the winter, be sure to get the assistance of a professional moving company that will handle all the contingencies for you.

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