Moving to a New Home for a New Year? Let the Pros Help!

The New Year brings with it plenty of opportunities and the chance for new beginnings. If you are planning a fresh start by moving to a new home, People-Move Moving can help you transfer your items and make the process much easier. Start 2022 right with a hassle-free move! 


Planning a Residential Move to a New House, Apartment or Condominium?


If you’re moving out of your home or apartment into a new place, that is considered a residential move. It is simpler than commercial moving because it only entails moving household items.


However, the challenge here is to ensure that all your belongings are safely packed and transported to your new home or apartment. Fragile pieces like pianos, expensive furniture, and glass pieces can be very difficult to move.


So it’s not safe to move these items on your own. DIY moving can break or damage your valuable belongings which can cost a fortune to replace or repair. It can also cause unnecessary accidents and injuries.


You can eliminate the stress of moving to a new place by seeking the assistance of Professional Residential Movers. Hiring a professional mover from a reputable moving company can free you up for other things to do during your move.


With Residential Movers, there’s no need to worry about moving pieces of furniture and heavy items around tricky corners because they have been professionally trained to do it efficiently and safely.


People-Move Moving provides top professional movers for residential moving. To make your move fast, stress-free, and affordable, contact our office today.


Going for a Long-Distance Move? We Can Make It Easier


Seeking greener pastures elsewhere? Wondering how to even get started with the process? If you are planning to move over a long distance and need help with the logistical hurdles and the physical aspect of transporting everything, People-Move Moving has got you covered.


Our Long Distance Moving team is here to help your long distance or interstate move go smoothly. At People-Move Moving we set ourselves apart with years of extensive knowledge and experience in long distance relocation. Particularly the unique challenges that come with the process and how to overcome them. We will take extra good care of you, your family, and the valuable items you are bringing with you to your new home.


As we prioritize quality, we hire only the most qualified long distance movers who meet our standards of professionalism. This process includes background checks and gauging the experience, knowledge and care they display. Then they are trained in order to handle moves methodically, transporting items safely and efficiently.


As your interstate movers, we strive to exceed all of your expectations and get the job done the right way, the first time! Call us so that we can get all the logistics of your interstate move and get you quoted and booked today.



Ensure your move goes smoothly and with minimal stress. Contact People-Move Moving for your moving needs. People-Move Moving is a full-service moving company licensed throughout Kentucky and Indiana including the Louisville and Indianapolis areas.