Moving, Transferring and Item Storage Services for Senior

During a move, particularly when seniors are transferring homes, it is important to keep the process smooth and orderly, to ensure each item is handled with care, so that by the time the person is settling in their new home, everything has already been transferred and arranged. Likewise, for items that cannot fit the new location but cannot be left behind should be transferred to storage. People-Move Moving offers all these services.

Senior Moving Services in Indianapolis and Louisville

Seniors have unique needs and requirements when it comes to relocation. Our team has the knowhow and experience to cater to these needs. Senior moving is part of our repertoire as a full service moving company licensed throughout Kentucky and Indiana including the Louisville and Indianapolis areas.

The senior moving process requires more care and patience compared to the standard move. Additionally, the seniors themselves as well as their families and loved ones already have a lot of things to be concerned about. So it is very prudent to get the assistance of an experienced and licensed moving company. With this, families can reduce and manage the stress they are facing in this tender time.

Families that are spread out might have a harder time helping their senior relatives move in person. So the services of a moving company will come really handy and allow seniors to control the situation better while decreasing the difficulty of the process for all involved.

For those who are moving for the first time, the requirements for senior moving and the sheer logistics of it can be overwhelming. So it really helps to have experienced professionals who know the ropes and can plan out and implement the entire moving process.

Moving Items to a Storage Unit? 

Our moving teams know how important it is to have your valuable items moved safely to a secure storage site. We will ensure that the storage process goes smoothly. It is one of the services we provide across Kentucky and Indiana including Louisville and Indianapolis.

We understand that certain items require special care, whether because of their monetary or sentimental value. Moreover, we know that the logistics of moving these items to storage can be stressful and many just don’t have the time or patience to handle it themselves. Whether you are moving homes or relocating businesses, the main thing is that these items need to be placed somewhere safe sooner rather than later.

With People-Move Moving, our professional moving teams will ensure your items are transferred and put into storage in an orderly and careful fashion. You can rest assured that your property will be safely handled and treated with the respect and care they deserve. So you can relax just a bit more knowing that professionals are handling the meticulous planning process and heavy lifting.


When it comes to moving services in the Louisville and Indianapolis areas, People-Move Moving is your trusted partner. We also meet the needs of clients in Jeffersonville, Clarksville, New Albany, Shively and more.