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How White Glove Services Can Make Your Move Stress-Free

Moving with valuable objects can be stressful. You want the items to arrive safely, but you don’t have the skills and experience to ensure they won’t get damaged. Fortunately, you can hire a white glove delivery service to help you transport these precious items. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what is a white glove service and why you need it. 

Let’s get started. 

Why is it called “White Glove"?

“White glove” refers to superior care, service, or attentiveness. It is useful when sending or receiving goods that require more attention than standard packages because of their fragility, size, or value. 

White glove service began with movers or shippers wearing white gloves to protect the item. The traditional English butler’s gloves influenced the concept of the word. It refers to the customized, polite treatment a butler would provide. The term is defined as “marked by exceptional care or attention.” 

White glove service all comes down to giving clients peace of mind throughout the moving process—before, during, and after delivery. 

What to expect from a white glove moving service

People Moving is a Louisville moving company specializing in final mile logistics, furniture delivery, and moving large items. Our white-glove service comes as an added service to regular delivery.  We tailor our transportation plans to your specific needs. 

You can use our white glove delivery service to move the following items:

  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Home appliances
  • Arts and antiques
  • Offices equipment
  • Fragile items

The cost of a white glove delivery service depends on several variables, such as the distance, the speed of delivery, the type of products delivered, and the specific equipment required to complete the task. People Move Moving also provides tailored services for brick-and-mortar and online shops and large enterprises.

Get white glove service from People-Move Moving

At People Move Moving, we understand that relocating may be stressful. We make sure to treat your valuable items with respect and care. Our on-site services include product placement, assembly, unpacking, and debris removal at the delivery location. 

People-Move Moving offers an affordable, reliable solution for all your delivery and moving needs. 

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