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Why October is A Good Time to Move

Most people move in the summer but while it’s a great time to move, it has its own challenges. Moving in the hot summer months means paying more and finding fewer openings. Not to mention the high temperatures that may cause your belongings to overheat. If you’re planning to move this October, you’re making the right decision. Here’s why October is a great time to move.

The Pleasant Weather

Moving can be an exhausting and daunting task and doing it under the burning heat of the sun makes it more stressful. This is why the fall season is a more favorable time to move. The pleasant crisp air of the fall weather creates a lighter mood for customers and movers alike, making for a more enjoyable moving experience. When you move in October, you won’t have to worry about inclement weather so there are lower chances of canceling or rescheduling your move due to extremely hot temperatures or icy roads, or blizzards.

Cheaper Costs, More Options

The peak moving season is the summer months so you’ll have to pay more for your move because of the high demand. But fewer people move during the fall, so you’ll pay less for your move. Because it’s off-season, moving companies tend to charge less for their services.

And because they charge less, you’ll be able to choose reliable moving companies instead of choosing the cheapest one. So if you’re moving in October, be sure to shop around and get at least three quotes before you settle on a moving company. The more affordable moving costs in October mean that you can hire the right mover based on their reputation, schedule, and quality. Plus, moving in October can bring a few dollars back into your pocket!

More Openings and Flexibility

Moving in October means you can choose the date that works for you instead of moving on a random day when your mover can fit you. The fall season is off-season for most moving companies so they have more openings. This gives a lot of flexibility when scheduling your move.
College students and fresh hires have already settled into their apartments by this time. Families you were relocating to new school districts have already begun the new school year.

Settle Into Your New Home This October

We are here to make your October move stress-free. From residential to long-distance moving and everything in between, our pro movers are equipped to tackle any tasks and bring your items to their destination in perfect condition. People-Move Moving is a full-service moving company licensed throughout Kentucky and Indiana including the Louisville and Indianapolis areas.