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6 Tips for Moving During the Holidays

Christmas trees, twinkling lights, holiday music, great food, and… moving?


While moving during the winter season may not be popular, it’s actually a great time to buy and move to a new home. If you pay close attention, property listings experience the most price decreases during the winter.  Seeing whether the house can survive the harsh winter elements would be a good idea. If it survives the winter, it should be good all year round, right?

Read on for some tips on how to move during the holidays this year.

Plan early.

There are a lot of things that come with the festivities of the holiday season, so you want to plan way, way, waaaay ahead of time! This includes arranging dates, inventory, packing, loading, unloading, and delivery to your new home. Create a checklist with what you need to do during the pre-planning stage, the day before, and the day of the move. Start taking care of them early, and you’ll be amazed at how smoothly things can go.

Organize a Packing Schedule.

This may sound easy, but it’s not, which is why you need to plan it out. Figure out how much time you’ll need, and divvy up the tasks to make them more manageable. Take your list, and give them time estimates. Add a buffer time period for when things don’t go as planned.


We know there are some items in your home that are a little hard to let go of, but you’ll have to let go of them. Holding on to these items means you have more things to bring with you, so spend time thinking about what you can sell or give away before you pack. If you don’t really like it or know you’ll never use it, it’s not worth bringing along the move.

Choose the right boxes.

It’s important to choose boxes that are sturdy, but also the right size for the items you plan to put into them. Find a one-size-fits-all size of box that fits everything perfectly, a box not too big and not too small.

Pack early.

Another thing that needs to be done early is packing! Part of the stress that comes with moving is not knowing what things you need after already packing them, which is why people tend to wait til the last minute to pack. However, as mentioned, this is the busiest time of the year, so you need to get this done before you plan your move.

Pack your items well and label them. This helps in figuring out which boxes will need to be prioritized when you’ve moved into your new home.

Work with an Experienced Moving Company

We all know how hard it is to move and how much work goes into it. If you’re planning to move during the holidays, it can only get worse. There’s traffic, unpredictable weather, and the general stress that goes with uprooting and relocating.

For this reason, it’s best if you give us a call at People-Move Moving. As a full-service mover, we can take care of everything for you – from packing up your old place to setting up your new one.

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