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New Home for New Year: Reasons to Call People-Move Moving

Planning to buy a home in the new year? Let this be a sign to get a move on it – literally! But moving out of your home and into a new place can be challenging. Here are some reasons you need to hire professional movers like People-Move Moving:


Imagine moving from and to your new house, apartment, condo, or storage facility. We’ve seen the challenges ranging from unique stairways to flights of stairs, to impossible parking situations, to getting bulky furniture through narrow hallways or doors, and much, much more!

People-Move, LLC provides professional packing, unpacking, and organizing services. You don’t have to worry about keeping your fragile items safe, decluttering, and heavy lifting.

Packing and Unpacking

Typical household items are easy to manage, but imagine moving a piano or other fragile glass pieces. Safe to say planning a move on your own may break or damage your valuables which may cost a fortune to replace or repair. 

That’s why hiring a professional is the way to go! We guarantee a safe and fast-moving process complete with packing supplies secured by our professional packers.  

Pick-up & Delivery

Choosing a delivery service means removing the stress of DIY work. Our pick-up and delivery services feature professionally trained and background-checked movers who will pick up, load, and deliver it wherever it needs to go. 

Our trustworthy movers can take the stress of moving your things, and provide you with the peace of mind that your things will arrive safely.

Any time, Any where

Our team is equipped to move you around the block or across the country. Our moving team shares knowledge and experience ready to face unique challenges and overcome them every time, giving you a stress-free moving experience you’ll always remember.

Our professionals are well-equipped to help you with every facet of your move, from start to finish. We are up for any task and committed to giving you a stress-free and convenient moving experience. No complaints, just the excellent service you deserve!

We are a full-service moving company licensed throughout Kentucky and Indiana including the Louisville and Indianapolis areas. We strive to continuously provide our customers with an exceptionally high-level service geared directly around quality. It’s our top priority to ensure that our customers are happy with our services and workers.