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proffesional movers


People-Move Moving is a full service moving company licensed throughout Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio including  the Lexington, Bowling Green, Louisville, Cincinnati and Indianapolis areas Here at People-Move, we strive to continuously provide our customers with an exceptional high level service geared directly around quality. Since we are a customer recommended company, it’s our top priority to make sure that our customers stay happy with our services and workers. We ensure this by screening our employees before and periodically, paying above average compensation, giving the proper training to our employees, and more. Also, we ensure making our customers happy by keeping our services affordable, communicating, being prepared and ready to work, and being kind and professional to the customer and their families.

Our Services


Our local residential moving teams of experts and professionals are here to move you from and/or to your new house, apartment, condo, or storage unit. Our teams have seen all types of challenges ranging from unique stairways, several flight levels of stairs, parking situations, getting furniture through narrow hallways or doors, and much more. Unlike other moving companies, we do not complain in any situation. We are up for any task no matter what challenge it brings. 

Our long distance moving team is here to make your interstate move the best move! Our moving team shares several years of knowledge, experience in long distance relocation, unique challenges and the overcoming of them, and the care of you, your family, and your values. 

Since quality is one of our top priorities, we have hired only the most qualified long distance movers that meets our standards of professionalism, background checks, experience, knowledge, and care. We can ensure that if you choose us as your interstate movers, we’ll exceed all of your expectations and get the job done the right way, the first time!

Long Distance


Delivery and Pick-ups are part of our top of the line Full Moving Services as we have made deliveries to hundreds of customers leaving them with a smile on their face. 

Have you recently purchased an appliance or a piece of furniture, but don’t have any way to get it back to your residence or office? No worries! People-Move’s furniture and delivery service is ready to go pick up your merchandise and deliver it wherever you need it to go. We screen our employees before they are hired and give them the proper training to ensure that your piece is delivered in the same condition it originally came from. We feel good about our work when you feel a high level of satisfaction. 

Our trained, experienced, and professional Commercial Moving Team has been proven to be efficient, careful, and effective. In addition, they’ve been praised numerous times during and upon the completion of their work.

As a qualified business, People-Move, LLC fully understands that your business needs to have little to no down time during the moving process. That’s why if you choose us as your professional Commerical Moving Team, we will guarantee the lowest amount of down time to no down time no matter how much square feet your building has. 

Call us today so that we can learn a little more about your commercial needs, so that we can quote you accordingly, and get you booked!


In-Home Moving

Rearranging furniture

Our background-checked, In-Home movers are at your service to move or rearrange any items that you have in your home or office.

If you’re not sure how to safely move heavy furniture up or down stairs, or if you need some assistance rearranging furniture in your residence, we are one phone call away. We are here to stage rooms, rearrange furniture, and simply move around any items you need within your home or office.

Moving heavy items

Do you have a piano, a gun safe, or a large piece of furniture? Our movers are experienced and has the strength to move it anywhere in your home. We specialize in moving up and down stairs and working around  tricky corners, ensuring the safety of your belongings and your home during the moving process.

Do you have fragile plates, lamps, mirrors, and other fragile items? No worries! We know what to do with those items to protect it from the bumps and dips on the road during transit. 

During the moving process, it is very wise to safely and securely pack your belongings into appropriate boxes using bubble-wrap and other safe materials that protects your items. We can ensure that your fragile items along with non-fragile belongings are safely transported to your new home or office with the expertise packing of our background-checked, Packing and Unpacking professionals.