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Tips on How to Pack and Store Holiday Decorations

If you love the holidays as much as we do, we bet you celebrate by decorating your home. Christmas lights, wreaths, figurines, stockings, and, of course – Christmas Trees and ornaments that make the holiday even more festive and just warm our hearts to the core.

You probably have an extensive collection of holiday decorations that you’ve collected over the years, just like we do, and while it’s fun to go all out with the festivities and decorate, packing up can be so stressful, and storing them can be a nightmare!

We’ve put together our best tips and tricks on packing and storing your beloved holiday decorations, you’ll have no problem finding things and taking them out next year!

Stock up on supplies.

The first step is to make sure you have plenty of boxes and supplies, such as newspapers, shrink wrap, tape, resealable bags, ties, and labels. It’s important to make sure you have a lot of supplies to be able to pack up in just one go.

Identify items you won't use.

As you are going through your ornaments and other holiday decorations, take the time to check for any that you haven’t used in a while, or are already not in top shape, or don’t suit your taste anymore. You can recycle, throw them away or donate them. This is important to make room in your storage area.

Keep everything neat and tidy.

Put all similar items in the same pile. Detangle fairy lights, color coordinate items, and wrap ornaments in tissue. You’ll want to keep your ornaments in the same container, be it sorted by color, by theme, or by room. Keep them in clear resealable gallon bags. 


Another option is to wrap them up in newspaper, especially super fragile baubles, before putting them in resealable bags, and making sure to label them properly. Whatever you choose, figure out a system or organize everything to make them easier to find when you come to get them out again next year.

Store them properly.

By this point, you already have everything organized in separate piles. We suggest investing in various sizes of storage bins. They may cost a lot but would be a good option to use in the long run. But cardboard boxes are fine, too. Whatever option you choose, just make sure you organize items properly, and never overstuff boxes.

Label smartly.

Now it’s time to properly label boxes. No, we don’t mean “Christmas Decors” but more like sticking a notecard on the box, with a detailed list of what items are inside. Be as detailed as can be, take a picture, and stick it on the box! What’s essential is that it’s labeled enough that you wouldn’t have to wonder what’s in a box without having to open them the next holiday season.

Shrink wrap bulky items.

Yes, you read that right. Shrink wrap items like Christmas trees, wreaths, and any other bulky items. This keeps it clean and protected all year long. And when it’s time to get them out again next year, all you have to do is cut open the shrink wrap with scissors!

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